Frequent questions

  • What is CBD? Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of the two most important cannabinoid components of the cannabis plant, which is found in variable proportions depending on the strain. While in some it is minimal, in others it can be the most abundant, or it can be found in more or less equal proportions than THC.
  • How is THC different from CBD? THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the active compound in marijuana plants that provides psychoactive effects. Low levels of it can also be found in hemp.
  • Can I mix CBD oil with whatever I want? If they are body oils, there is no problem. In case you are referring to mixing with other medications, it is better to consult with your doctor about the interaction they may have.
  • Can I give CBD to my pet? When we use CBD for medicinal purposes, both for humans and pets, it is important to consult with a professional. If you have decided to start a treatment based on cannabidiol for your pet, you should go to your trusted veterinarian to advise you on how to administer it, the necessary dose and whether your pet's illness can be alleviated with the use of this substance.
  • Where does Maconda CBD come from? Maconda's CBD oil comes from Colombia, more specifically from the Cauca Valley, it is extracted from the flower of the Ancestralis variety Cannabis plant. Maconda periodically performs oil quality analysis.
  • Is CBD addictive?: CBD is not addictive or harmful to health: According to studies carried out in animals, no tolerance has been identified nor have any studies indicating physical dependence been reported. The opposite effect has been identified. High doses do not affect the increase in dopamine release. Regarding the consequences of the potential abuse of this cannabinoid, according to the intracranial stimulation analyzed in mice, no adverse effects have been found due to the abusive use of CBD. From medical studies carried out with humans, it is concluded that CBD awakens the same addiction than the placebo. And that cannabidiol does not produce, by itself, any significant psychoactive or cardiovascular effects. They also conclude that CBD does not produce any negative consequences due to abuse.
  • What benefits does CBD have in sports?
  • CBD is a great ally in high-intensity sports because it is a powerful anti-inflammatory.
    Stress is one of the biggest problems that professional and amateur athletes are subjected to, so imagine being able to reduce it a few points before a competition.
    Reduce the athlete's recovery time, because CBD can considerably reduce the pain and inflammation associated with damage and irritation typical of your sporting discipline.
    Going back to sleep before competing can be a determining factor in the performance of an athlete, who does not sleep the night before a match or competition.
    Reducing stress before a sports event can considerably increase performance and the way you approach the test.
    Recovery and being able to sleep well after a sports event is as important as training or nutrition, so using a natural method that helps you achieve this is one of the best help you can have as an athlete.
  • Why is CBD good for the skin? CBD oil takes its place and is shown as a highly recommended alternative for skin treatments. When applied topically, some CBD compounds bind to cellular receptors on immune cells in the skin and can treat allergic reactions, for example.