Fairs and events are very special opportunities to connect with our audience and demonstrate all the quality and power of our CBD products. That is why we wanted to take advantage of the BURO 2023 fair, one of the largest entrepreneurship events in Colombia, to present our new initiative: "Maconda Life Experience".

An action that marks the beginning of a new experience of Balance and Well-being through all your senses, where in addition to getting to know us and our products, you can try them, check their benefits, receive relevant information and recommendations from specialists.

With Maconda Life Experience we combine knowledge, creativity and empathy to be able to connect with our audience on a much more sincere, authentic and close level, which not only demonstrates all the quality of Maconda as a brand, but also the human quality of our great work team.

Thanks to the athletes, the parents, the grandparents, the friends, those who escaped from the office for a moment to take a wellness break. Thank you all, all the people who joined us at BURO with those life stories that fill us with the desire to continue promoting Medicinal Cannabis as a natural alternative to find your best version.

This was our first Maconda Life Experience, get ready for many more to come.

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