CBD con Registro Invima: Beneficios y requisitos legales.

CBD with Invima Registration: Benefits and legal requirements.

At Maconda we know how important it is to comply with the legal processes established by INVIMA to guarantee the quality, safety and legality of our products and thus contribute to well-being, so that we live more balanced.

That is why all our CBD products have certification from INVIMA, the entity in charge of regulating and controlling medical products and foods in the country.

This process involves submitting detailed documentation about each product, including its composition, characteristics, properties and production methods. Have good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and comply with the standards established by INVIMA to guarantee the quality, safety and effectiveness of our CBD products. These requirements range from production facilities to manufacturing and quality control processes.

In addition, all Maconda products comply with the labeling and advertising regulations established by INVIMA. This involves providing clear and precise information on CBD content, instructions for use, warnings and contraindications, among other aspects.

Once INVIMA certification is obtained, control is maintained. Since strict and constant monitoring is carried out to ensure compliance with current quality control regulations. This includes laboratory testing, analysis of CBD content and verification of the absence of prohibited substances.

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